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Manually operated VELUX MHL awning blind is the most effective protection against the heat. It is made of fibreglass covered with plastic and thanks to that, it’s possible to stop approx. 70% of the thermal radiation, which in effect does not reach the external glass.

VELUX MHL awning blind is recommended in combination with internal accessories, e.g. blackout blind VELUX. Such set is able to provide protection against the heat and it allows to additionally darken the room.

Mesh material of the VELUX MHL is made of fibreglass in black colour (5060).

The benefits of using the VELUX MHL awning blind:

  • ideal fitting of the original awning blind to the VELUX roof window (VELUX GGL also)
  • the most effective protection against the sun and heat – it absorbs and reflects the heat radiation before it reaches the glass
  • fabric structure of the awning blind does not block out the view outside the window
  • easy and quick installation from the inside
  • protection against harmful UV radiation
  • protection against harmful influence of reflexes, especially when working on the computer
  • protection of privacy by complete closing of the awning blind
  • compatible with VELUX window types: GEL, GFL, GGL, GGU, GHL, GHU, GLL, GLU, GPL, GPU, GTL, GTU, GZL
  • VELUX window sizes available: C01, C02, C04, C06, CK01, CK02, CK04, CK06, F04, F06, F08, FK04, FK06, FK08, M04, M06, M08, M10, MK04, MK06, MK08, MK10 P04, P06, P08, P10, P25, PK04, PK06, PK08, PK10, S06, S08, S10, SK06, SK08, SK10, U04, U08, U10, UK04, UK08, UK10, 102, 204, 206, 304, 306, 308, 310, 408, 606, 608, 610, 810
  • 3-year VELUX warranty

The original VELUX MHL blinds match the most types of VELUX roof windows (among others GGL, GPL) including the most popular sizes: C01, C02, C04, C06, CK01, CK02, CK04, CK06, F06, 304, M04, M06, MK06, MK04, M08, MK08, S06, SK06, P10, MK00. If you are not sure the size of your VELUX roof window, send us a photo of the product identification label from your VELUX window to our e-mail address:

Important: for less common sizes (U04, U08, U10, UK04, UK08, UK10, 810), the delivery time for VELUX MHL is up to 18 business days.

Please note: there may be slight differences between patterns and colours in the photos and real materials.

VELUX MHL awning blind installation:

Our online store delivers original VELUX blinds (for VELUX GGL type also) at attractive prices throughout Ireland, therefore to such cities as: Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick.

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