About us

We’re one of the largest distributors of VELUX blinds in Poland.

For many years now our company has been specializing in selling blinds for the roof windows. Therefore, our offer includes a lot of roof accessories for VELUX windows – from the VELUX roller blinds RFL, through blackout blinds DKL, to external awning blinds MHL and venetian blinds PAL. We offer all of these in a really big selection of colours and sizes. We wanted to make the selection of our products as large as possible and therefore we created an online store with the blinds for VELUX windows.

Thanks to the VELUX blinds, finding the product that fulfils your needs in the best possible way should not be a problem. Regardless of whether you want blackout, privacy, protection against heat or even if you want all of these features at the same time.

Here we will never run out of space for more and more new products :-).

You can always count on our creativity. We are subject to procedures, because it’s necessary for functioning of the company, however at the same time we can be flexible and if necessary, we can work in an unconventional manner.

Velishop.com online store is run by Arttel.

Company name: Arttel
Address: ul. Gajowicka 95/112
Postal code: 53-421
City: Wroclaw
Country: Poland
VAT EU: PL8992241856

Customer Service:

Monday-Friday: 09.00-17.00
Weekends and bank holidays: Closed
Telephone: 0048 725 60 01
mail: velux@velishop.com

The European commission website is used to settle out of court disputes arising from online transactions. The EU Commission website can be found via this link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

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