Complaints and returns

Complaint procedure

In case of any complaints, please contact via email: While submitting complaint you need to provide order number, full name of the orderer, number of the proof of purchase (VAT invoice) and description of the subject of complaint.

Defective product will be picked up by a courier service that cooperates with us: UPS/DPD/TNT. The courier will contact you before the pick up at the address you specified. After the receipt, we will send the product to the manufacturer. All costs associated with the justified complaint of the product will be covered by

The user should give defective product to the courier, so that it gets back to If the picking up of the product is impossible due to the lack of cooperation from the User, then our company reserves the right to withhold the shipment of the replacement product.

Right to withdraw from the agreement

Each customer has the right to return the products without providing a reason, under withdrawal from the agreement within 14 days since receipt of the products, excluding the products manufactured for individual order.

In store, the products manufactured for custom order are marked with the time of delivery 18-19 working days and more. IMPORTANT: all VELUX blinds have usually transparent plastic window through which you can see the colour of the blind. Thanks to that, you don’t need to open it and destroy the packaging to determine whether you like the colour!

PLEASE NOTE: Possibility of return does not apply to business entities.

Reduction of the products’ value

In order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products, you should handle and inspect them with due care and in the same manner as you would typically be allowed to do in a store. This means that you can check the products like in the store, but you can’t install them. Any handling or inspection of the product in excess of the above-described scope may result in a reduction of the product’s value, which store will be entitled to deduct when reimbursing the payment received from you. The determination of any reduction of the value will be made individually on a case-by-case basis. If the packaging is wrecked, you may expect that this will result in reduction of the product’s value. You can also expect that installation of the product will also result in reduction of its value. Therefore, you should remember that during the period when you’re in possession of the products, until they return to us, you are responsible for any damages they incur.

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