Why an original blinds?

Why an original VELUX blinds? Good question. There are at least several arguments that should convince everyone:

  • perfect match and aesthetics – it should be remembered that roof windows, depending on the manufacturer, vary in the aspect of constructional solutions. Therefore, companies that offer non-original 'universal' blinds for all brands of the roof windows will never be able to ensure high aesthetics and perfect fitting. Original VELUX blinds have aesthetic design, which perfectly integrates with the VELUX skylight window
  • warranty for the windows – by investing in original accessories for the VELUX roof windows, you can be sure that their installation and subsequent use will not cause e.g. damage of the roof windows. Original accessories are fitted for the windows and prepared in such manner, which ensures the full use of advantages, both of the roof windows and the accessories
  • high quality of materials used for manufacturing of the original accessories – VELUX accessories are rigorously tested, in order to ensure that the users will benefit from their excellent operation and resistance to fading, even after many years of use
  • savings on installation – perfect of the blinds to the windows ensures that even not very manually talented people can handle the installation. Very fast and uncomplicated installation from the inside
  • 3-year guarantee
  • reliability and ease of use.
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