Terms and Conditions

1. The Velishop.com website is operated by Arttel. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to Arttel. Arttel offers this website, including all information, tools and services available from this site to you, the user, conditioned upon your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated here. Below there are specified conditions in accordance with which Arttel, ul. Gajowicka 95/112, 53-421 Wrocław, Poland, VAT EU: PL8992241856, bank account: 86 1140 2004 0000 3602 3032 6864 (hereinafter referred to as „Online store Velishop.com”' „Velishop.com”) will implement and accept from you (hereinafter referred to as „User”) orders of products from this online store. Our store is hosted on Quick Cart. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you.

2. The agreement of sale and delivery of products is concluded between the User and Velishop.com store.

3. All trade names, product names, company names and their logos used on the website of the Velishop.com store belong to their respective owners and are used only for informational purposes. They can be registered trademarks. All materials, descriptions and images presented on the pages of Velishop.com store are the property of VELUX Company.

Acceptance and implementation of the order

4. The use of the store Velishop.com constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Below conditions are for the User and therefore please read them carefully. In the case of any questions or doubts please contact us via e-mail: velux@velishop.com. The condition for starting implementation of the order is the acceptance of the following by the User (during placement of an order): a) the fact that the User shall be over 18 years old, b) these terms and conditions, c) prices and costs determined in this online store as they are specified in the order, d) that the store collects personal data of the User (first and last name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) for the purposes of order implementation, e) that Velishop.com transmits data concerning User’s credit/debit card for the purposes of order implementation, f) that the agreement will be concluded in accordance with the Polish law.

5. Small colour discrepancies of the fabrics are permitted. We have undertaken all possible technical precautions in order to present colour of our products in a possibly realistic manner. However, we have to reserve the possibility of colour discrepancies between colours presented in this online store and the actual colours.

6. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole year. Velishop.com reserves the right to introduce restrictions in regard to the use of the store, caused by important reasons e.g. safety or technical reasons.

7. After placing an order by the User, he will receive response from the Velishop.com website confirming the acceptance of the order. Confirmation of the order by Velishop.com depends on successful authorization of the User’s credit or debit card. However, if you won’t receive confirmation within reasonable period of time, then please contact us directly. We would want to implement clients’ orders without undue delay, but we can’t accept responsibility for the circumstances caused by the problems or errors in electronic communication.


8. All prices presented on the Velishop.com website are gross prices (they include 23% VAT tax). We issue VAT invoice for each sold product. Price of the ordered product, fees (if applicable), as well as the total value of the User’s purchases are always indicated in the order and in the order confirmation. Note: if you want an 0% VAT invoice (only for VAT EU companies) you have to inform us about it (via e-mail) before ordering.

9. The User may read and familiarize himself with the delivery costs at any time on the following website: https://Velishop.com//en_delivery,21.html

10. Within the limits permitted by law, Velishop.com reserves the rights to change products prices contained in the offer. Change of prices does not apply to orders already accepted for implementation.

11. Within the limits permitted by law, Velishop.com reserves the right to withdraw the individual products from the offer. Possibility to withdraw products from the offer does not apply to orders already accepted for implementation.

Payments and product delivery

12. Within the limits permitted by law, Velishop.com is not responsible for non-delivery of the product or delay in delivery caused by incorrect or inaccurate address provided by the User.

13. Payments can be made via PayPal and using the following cards: VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express or Discover payment card. The User will be asked to submit card number, expiration date, card issue number if applicable and three-digit security number. This information is transmitted via high-level encryption directly to the bank to verify whether User’s credit or debit card is valid. Once User’s card is approved, Velishop.com will send the User an email with order confirmation. Current methods of payment are defined on the following website: https://Velishop.com/en_payment,28.html

14. In the case of orders consisting of several products (which are supposed to be delivered in one package), implementation period will depend on the time needed for completion by Velishop.com of the last element of the given order. Exception from this rule is possible through individual agreements.

Consumer rights

15. As a consumer, you have legal rights under applicable mandatory rules regarding the sale of products to consumer, if the products delivered by us turn out to be faulty or not compliant with the description. A product is considered faulty, if it does not comply with the sales agreement with respect to its quantity, quality and characteristics or if the product is not suitable for the purpose, for which it has been purchased.

16. In the case of a defect of the delivered products, the User is obliged to notify us without undue delay. The User has the right to free of charge repair of such product or free replacement of the faulty product, if this does no result in disproportionate costs for us.


17. Velishop.com issues three-year warranty for VELUX products purchased in our store Velishop.com (except DBL VELUX blinds).

18. In case of any complaints, please contact Velishop.com via email: velux@velishop.com.

While submitting complaint you need to provide order number, full name of the orderer, number of the proof of purchase (VAT invoice) and description of the subject of complaint.

19. All costs associated with the complaint of faulty product will be covered by Velishop.com store.

20. Velishop.com store is responsible for the damage caused during the transport.

21. Complaints (in the case of mechanical damage caused during transport) will be considered after the preparation of damage protocol signed by the recipient and deliverer of the package. Before accepting a package from the courier, you need to check whether the packaging has not been damaged during transport. In particular, you need to pay close attention to the condition of tapes and seals placed on the package. If the packaging includes visible damages, which could suggest the destruction of content, please do not accept such package. In the case like that, please indicate on the delivery document that the package seems to be damaged, and then contact us. If such damage will not be indicated on the delivery document, then we won’t be able to accept complaint in regard to the damaged content of the package. In the case when the packaging shows the signs of damaging or when seals (tapes) are broken, then in the presence of the courier, you need to prepare damage protocol and contact us as soon as possible in order to clarify the matter. Verification of the package upon arrival is a necessary condition for the consideration of possible claims.


22. The User has the right to return the products without providing a reason, under withdrawal from the agreement within 14 days since receipt of the products, excluding the products manufactured for individual order (i.e. not coming from the stock). In Velishop.com store, the products manufactured for individual order are marked with the date of delivery up to 18-19 working days. IMPORTANT: all VELUX blinds have transparent plastic window. Thanks to that, the User does not need to open it and destroy the packaging to determine whether he likes the colour! Possibility of return does not apply to business entities.

23. If you wish to exercise the right of return, you need to contact Velishop.com company in order to clarify the conditions of the return (especially identification of the order and information about the products, in relation to which you want to exercise your right to withdraw from the sale agreement). Our e-mail address: velux@velishop.com.

24. In the case when the User returns the product, the shipment cost, which he has paid for during the purchase, is also returned to him without undue delay and never later than fourteen (14) days from the date on which the User has informed us about his decision regarding withdrawal from the agreement. However, it will be the lowest amount from the shipping price list in force at the store: https://www.Velishop.com/en_delivery,21.html

25. In the case of withdrawal from the agreement (return of the product), the agreement is considered null and valid, and the consumer is released from all obligations. The product returned in this mode will be accepted only when it is sent back in the unchanged state. Otherwise, the User is responsible for the possibility of reduced value of the products, resulting from handling of the products in a manner, other than necessary for the determination of nature, characteristics and functioning of the products. In order to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products, the User shall handle and inspect them with due care and in the same manner as he would typically be allowed to do in a store. This means that the User can check the products like in the store, but he can’t install them. Any handling or inspection of the product in excess of the above-described scope may result in a reduction of the product’s value, which Velishop.com store will be entitled to deduct, when reimbursing the payment received from the User. The determination of any reduction of the value will be made individually on a case-by-case basis. The User can open the packaging and inspect the products with due care, provided that the opening is done without wrecking the packaging. If the packaging is wrecked, the User may expect that this will result in reduction of the product’s value. The User can also expect that installation of the product will also result in reduction of its value. Therefore, the User should remember that during the period when he’s in possession of the products, until they return to us, he is responsible for any damage they incur.

26. Velishop.com store has the right to withhold the reimbursement of the paid amounts, until the time of receipt of the returned products by us or until the User delivers us confirmation of sending back the products, whichever occurs first. The User is responsible for ensuring that the returned products are appropriately packed and that they will return to us in the same state as they were previously delivered to him.

The User is obliged to send back the products or deliver them to us on his own to the below address:

ul. Gajowicka 95/112
53-421 Wroclaw

27. In regard to matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, the provision of the Civil Code and Act of 02.03.2000 on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damaged Caused by a Dangerous Product, are applicable.

Personal data

28. Personal data of each User is subject to protection. Shopping in our online store is safe and you risk nothing by placing an order. The store operates in accordance with the Polish Law, which protects the consumer and provides the same guarantee of the purchase as in the case of purchasing in the normal store. Your personal data is subject to protection in accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection.

29. Making any purchase requires providing full address data in an appropriate form. All fields are required. The provided data will be used only for delivery of the ordered package. E-mail addresses obtained this way will never be used for sending advertisements.

30. Personal data will be stored in our database. The User always has the right to access his personal data and correct them. Personal data is processed by us only for the purpose of order implementation, and with consent of the User the data may be used for marketing purposes.

31. Each User who created a store account may at any time ask for its removal. The account will be deleted immediately or after the implementation of the orders, which are assigned to it. All data will be deleted and e-mail address will also be deleted from the database. Restoration of such account will not be possible and the User will have to re-create the account from the beginning and again enter all data.

32. We guarantee maintaining confidentiality of the personal data and we do not share our address database with anyone.

33. Change in Terms and Conditions may be carried out only for important reasons, about which the User will be previously and appropriately informed on the store’s website, at least 7 days in advance. If after this period the User will continue to use the website, then it is equal to the acceptance of the new conditions.

Applicable law and courts

34. Agreements concluded through this online store are subject to the Polish law. Polish courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from the agreements concluded through this online store.

Our return address:

ul. Gajowicka 95/112
53-421 Wroclaw
VAT EU: PL8992241856
Our e-mail address: velux@velishop.com

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