VELUX DSL solar powered blackout blind - II colour group

VELUX DSL solar powered blackout blind - II colour group - Gallery 3

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VELUX DSL solar powered blackout blinds should be used in situations, which require a total blackout of the room in the attic. These situations may vary from the desire to watch a movie during summer evening to the need of a peaceful sleep. it's the perfect choice for rooms that need to completely blocking incoming light.

VELUX DSL solar powered blackout blinds will work in all conditions, even on cloudy days. Installation does not require wiring, therefore it is extremely easy and fast. If necessary, manual operation is possible.

VELUX DSL solar powered blackout blinds are controlled with a wireless wall keyboard (included with the roller blind). The blinds can be controlled from anywhere in the room (wireless keypad range: up to 25m from the roller shutter). A fully charged battery of such a roller blin is enough for 600 opening / closing cycles, even in the absence of sunlight to charge the battery.

For additional protection, you can combine VELUX DSL blind with VELUX external awning blind.

The benefits of using the VELUX DSL solar blackout blind:

  • total blackout without the ingress of light at the edges (between blind and window frame)
  • VELUX DSL blind may be stopped at any window height
  • perfect fitting of genuine blinds to the VELUX window
  • interior decoration
  • no harmful chemicals - Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 material testing goes far beyond existing national legislation for health protection
  • convenient handling
  • installation does not require wiring, therefore it is extremely easy and fast
  • compatible with VELUX window types: GEL, GFL, GGL, GGU, GHL, GHU, GPL, GPU, GTL, GTU, GZL, GXL, VEA, VEB, VEC
  • VELUX window sizes available: C01, C02, C04, C06, CK01, CK02, CK04, CK06, F04, F06, F08, FK04, FK06, FK08, M04, M06, M08, M10, MK04, MK06, MK08, MK10 P04, P06, P08, P10, P25, PK04, PK06, PK08, PK10, S06, S08, S10, SK06, SK08, SK10, U04, U08, U10, UK04, UK08, UK10, 102, 204, 206, 304, 306, 308, 310, 408, 606, 608, 610, 810
  • colour of side guides: white or natural aluminum
  • attractive price
  • 3 years of warranty – it’s the longest warranty for roof windows accessories on the market

The original VELUX DSL solar powered blackout blinds match the most types of VELUX roof windows (among others GGL, GHL) including the most popular sizes: F06, 304, M04, M06, MK06, MK04, M08, MK08, S06, SK06, P10. If you are not sure the size of your VELUX roof window, send us a photo of the product identification label from your VELUX window to our e-mail address:

Please note: there may be slight differences between patterns and colours in the photos and real materials.

VELUX DSL solar blackout blind installation:


Our online store delivers original VELUX blinds (for VELUX GGL type also) at attractive prices throughout Ireland, therefore to such cities as: Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick.

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